March 20, 2023

Today for lunch there will be chicken fried steak, mini corn dogs, and pepperoni rippers.

Which teacher has the Heart of a Bengal? Students and faculty, it’s time to nominate a teacher for the month of April that ROARS – those that exhibit characteristics of being Respectful, Optimistic, Authentic, Reliable & Supportive. Follow this link to make your nomination. Don’t forget to write WHY you have chosen this teacher. Nominations will be collected until March 23rd.

The Auto Club will be meeting 8-12 on Saturday.

Juniors taking the SAT, please stop by the Counseling Center or Mrs. Hobson’s office to pick up your student study guide. Remember the SAT is quickly approaching and will be held here at LHS at 8am on Wednesday, April 12.

The after school Bengal Fit weight room program will be closed next Wednesday, March 22nd.

Seniors, save your time, gas, and money by purchasing a senior project board from G-L in room ST 200 for just $5 cash.

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