Browser Issues


Don’t use Internet Explorer. It is not supported. I know nothing about it. Internet Explorer was discontinued in June 2022 and Microsoft is encouraging the use of Microsoft Edge. Do not download WaveBrowser. If you click on a link and it wants to open up in Internet Explorer it is because Explorer is your default app. You may want to change it to Chrome or Firefox.

  • Change Default App
    • Settings, Apps, Default Apps
    • Scroll down to web browser
    • When you click on “Internet Explorer” it gives you the all the available options to choose from
  • Most browsers also will give you the option to make it the default. You need to click on the three dots and select settings. Click below for a picture.


Mozilla Firefox is the browser that is supported by the district. The district will push out updates. Before it is updated you will need to backup your saved bookmarks. Firefox plays the best with our set up of being able to save files to the desktop and whatever computer you log into the files are still there. However, while you can log into more than one computer, you cannot use Firefox on both computers. Be sure to log off completely before switching to a new computer to ensure no problems with Firefox.

  • Exporting Bookmarks Instructions (before update)
    • Select three lines in top right
    • Select Library
    • Select Bookmarks
    • Select Show All Bookmarks (Ctrl+Sft+B) – New Window Pops up
    • Select Import and Backup
    • Select Export Booksmarks to HTML
    • Save
  • Importing Bookmarks Instructions (after update)
    • Show All Bookmarks (Ctrl+Sft+B) – New Window Pops up
    • Select Import and Backup
    • Select Import Booksmarks from HTML
    • Select the file you saved earlier.
  • Sign into Firefox
    • Select the hamburger button in the top right
    • Select sign into Firefox
    • Use their auto-generated password or type in your own


IT is working on getting Chrome supported by the district. Chrome allows you to save bookmarks to a profile which is then the same whenever you log into the same google account. You will need to make sure you’re logged in with you students.lewistonschools account. Currently you will need to log into chrome everytime you restart your computer.

  • Download Chrome
    • Search “download chrome”
    • Save file, open file
    • When it asks you to sign in click cancel
    • Popup will then tell you it can can download anyways – click “yes”
    • If you need to redownload it the next day move the ChromeSetup.exe into local storage
    • If it doesn’t work contact me and I can install it with my installer account

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