Attendance Policy

Student attendance is a prerequisite to academic credit. In order to receive academic credit for a class a student must meet the academic standard determined by the classroom teacher and the attendance standard as follows:

Parent Communication Procedure

The parent or guardian is required to call on the day a student is absent from school. If no call is made, a written note should be sent with the student on the day of return to school. The note should describe the reason for the absence.

Absences must be cleared within two (2) school days after the student returns to school. If no contact from the parent or guardian is made, the absences will be coded as truant.


Checking in/out of School

When a student arrives at school at times other than the regular start of his or her school day, he/she must sign in at the attendance office. When a student checks out of school, a phone call or note from the parents or guardians requesting the absence will be presented to the attendance office.

When a student becomes ill at school, he/she must check out at the attendance office. The attendance office will call home and release the student with parent/guardian permission. If a guardian is not available to excuse the student, an administrator may sign the student out. The absence will be unexcused until their parent confirms the checkout with a call or note.

If a student leaves school and does not check out at the attendance office, the absence will be defined as TRUANT.


One important purpose of education is to teach responsibility and respect. Punctuality is an important skill to learn and it is the intent of Lewiston High School to emphasize being on time. Tardiness disrupts the educational process for all students. Students are expected to be on time to class. All tardies are unexcused unless medical documentation is provided.

  • 1st tardy: teacher disciplinary action
  • 2nd tardy: teacher disciplinary action
  • 3rd tardy: teacher disciplinary action
  • 4th and subsequent tardies: administrative disciplinary action in addition to any teacher disciplinary action

Teacher disciplinary action ranges from a reprimand to detention. Detention could be served with the teacher before or after school or assigned to be served during lunch with the detention monitor.

Administrative disciplinary action may include a reprimand, detention, Saturday School, suspension, or removal from class for continued disruption.


Absence from school will be documented under three categories: (1) excused, (2) unexcused, and (3) truancy.

Excused Absences

Excused absences are personal illness, and family emergencies. Assignments missed during an excused absence can be made up for credit.

Prearranged Absences (Excused) Whenever students are aware beforehand that they will be absent, they must obtain a prearranged absence form from the attendance office. The request must come from a parent. Upon their return, students will be expected to be able to continue with the course work of each class.

Unexcused Absences

Absence for other reasons shall be considered unexcused. Work missed during an unexcused absence may be made up for credit. Students who have unexcused absences may receive Administrative disciplinary action.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to provide 3rd party verification (doctor, dentist, etc.) as soon as possible when the student is absent and when applicable.

NOTE: Student employment (work) will not be considered an excused absence under any circumstances.


Willful absence of the student without the knowledge of the school or parents is considered truancy. It is unexcused and may lead to expulsion from school. Purposely missing one class to complete work for that class or another is considered truancy as well. Assignments missed due to a truancy will not receive credit. Students who are truant will receive Administrative disciplinary action.

Communication Procedure

Parents/guardians will be notified in writing when their student accumulates three (3) absences AND six (6) absences during the semester. Students with ongoing attendance problems will be referred to the administration to determine action to be taken. If a student exceeds six (6) absences in any class during the semester, credit may be withheld.

Credit Denial Notification

Parents/guardians will be notified in writing if credit was or will be withheld.

Appeals Procedure

If a determination is made to withhold credit, the student and parent/guardian may make an appeal. If an appeal is made, it is the responsibility of the student/parents to provide substantial documentation that:

  1. Clears up unverified absences, unexcused absences or truancies.
  2. Illustrates extenuating circumstances that led to excessive absences.
  3. Defines health or legal issues preventing the student from attending school.

Appeals Process

The two following steps are established to guide students and parents through the appeals process.

  1. An attendance/appeals committee will review the records and the circumstances and determine whether or not the student will receive credit. Each secondary building will have an attendance/appeal committee.
  2. The decision of the attendance/appeals committee may be appealed to the superintendent or designee. The appeal must be submitted to the superintendent within ten (10) working days after receiving the decision from the attendance/appeals committee. The decision of the superintendent or designee is final.

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