Open Wi-Fi/Personal Devices

Students may bring personal devices to school and use the school district Wi-Fi. 

Please read the information below and follow instructions on how to connect to the ISD1-Open network.

ISD1-Open Details: This network contains the standard filtering tiers. Our web filter, Smoothwall, requires the end user to have a certificate on their machine. Please remember that any personal device which connects to the ISD1-Open network requires the manual installation of the Smoothwall root CA Certificate in the device’s web browser, or the user will receive untrusted SSL warnings and broken web pages.

Smoothwall Web filter certificate and installation instructions:

Please Note: The Lewiston School District does not support any personal device trying to attach to our network(s). If the information provided on this page does not work for you, please contact your device vendor for assistance. IT is unable to assist you with any personal device, sorry.

 An SSL certificate is how encrypted sites verify their validity VIA your browser. In order for SSL (https:// -based sites) to work with our system, the end user must have the smoothwall certificate installed as a root certificate authority to their system. How they do that varies greatly, but the searches above should provide some of the results your guest might be looking for.

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