Counseling and Career Center Staff


 Neil Williams, Counselor
Last Names A-G   Last Names A-F(10th grade only)
(208) 748-3119

 Christina Cahill, Counselor
Last Names H-O   Lat Names G-L(10th grade only)
(208) 748-3120

 Leslie Halliday, Counselor
Last Names P-Z   Last Names S-Z(10th grade only)
(208) 748-3294

Olivia Wilson, Counselor

Last Names M-R(10th grade only)

(208) 748-3117

Rob Massey– Student Resource Officer

(208) 748-3118

 Sheila Hart
Counseling Center Secretary
(208) 748-3121

 Kari Kerns
School Registrar
(208) 748-3114

Kaylin Roby
College and Career Counselor

Tina Slyter, Social Worker


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