Counseling and Career Center

Counseling Center Vision Statement:  Students from Lewiston High School are proficient in three domains: academic, career and social/emotional.  With the assistance of a dynamic, supportive learning community that includes diverse opportunities, students are college and career-ready, well-rounded and graduate prepared to be life-long learners and leaders in our community.  All students secure satisfying careers that match their skills and interests and contribute to society through both work and volunteering and maintain a sense of civic responsibility.
Counseling Center Mission Statement:  By applying a data driven, comprehensive program that is aligned with the ASCA National Model and includes classroom guidance, individual counseling and group counseling, students flourish academically and socially, and are college and career ready.  Our dynamic and supportive program provides diverse opportunities and empowers every student to identify their current and future goals working cooperatively with their parents, teachers and community stakeholders. 

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