RAMS Care Week!


We are getting ready to kick off RAMS CARE WEEK at Centennial. This week focuses on creating and celebrating a school where every student success – if a student misses just 2 days of school each month, they will miss 10% of the school year! There are so many reasons it is important to have students at school every day. Here are two: students with good attendance have higher reading scores and are more likely to graduate from high school.

To help create a welcoming and safe school, we will be focusing on: “Being ALL-IN” for each other. Students will be encouraged to:

  • INclude and look for students that that are isolate or alone
  • INtroduce yourself to someone new
  • INvite others to join you
  • INteract with others with respectful and kind words
  • Use the RAMS CARE CHAIR buddy benches at recess to reach out to peers in need of a friend to play with at recess

Spirit Days

Monday “HEY DAY” Say Hello and meet someone new (Find someone new games/Bingo).

Tuesday“Hats Off to making New Friends Day” Wear a hat to school. Use the icebreaker cards on the tables at lunch to get to know each other.

Wednesday“Fave Shirt Day” Wear an article of clothing displaying something important about you. Reach out to others to ask about what they chose to wear.

Thursday “It’s Cool to to Kind Day Wear sunglasses!

Friday “Rams Care Day” – Centennial Colors Wear Green – School Colors!