Welcome to Camelot MEET AND GREET!

We would like all parents and students to have an opportunity to meet their teachers, see classrooms, and drop off school supplies. 

When:  Thursday, August 27

How:  Go to the outside door of the classroom and wait.  We will have families come in one at a time for a brief period of time. Some classrooms will be meeting outside.  Safe ways to greet the teacher:  Air hug, elbow touch, or a wave. 

Why:  We have missed our students and want to lessen anxiety for the first day of school!

What to Bring:   Please wear a mask (children and adults).  Bring your school supplies.  All supplies need to be labeled this year (coats, backpacks, etc.  please label).  Bring supplies in your child’s backpack and we will put it at your child’s desk for Monday!

When:  Please come to Camelot by last name. We would like to social distance as much as possible.  If there is more than one sibling and different teachers, just do the best you can to make the time.  We hope to be as efficient as possible! 

Thursday, August 27th from 1:00 — 3:00 p.m.

A-B        1:00
C-E        1:15
F-H        1:30
I-L        1:45
M-P        2:00
Q-R        2:15
S-T        2:30
U-Z        2:45

If you cannot make it at this time, please contact your child’s teacher.  Class lists will be posted Wednesday, August 26th at 3:00.  We look forward to seeing you!