April 15, 2024

Today for lunch there is chicken strips, chicken patty sandwiches, and pepperoni ripper.

Which teacher has the Heart of a Bengal? Students and faculty, It’s time to nominate a teacher for the month of MAY that ROARS – those that exhibit characteristics of being Respectful, Optimistic, Authentic, Reliable & Supportive. Click here to make your  nomination.  Don’t forget to write WHY you have chosen this teacher. Nominations will be collected until April 25th.

Attention all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors – next week is the World Series of testing. Please pay attention to the following announcements.

Bengals, the spring testing season is upon us and we want to take some time to recognize some of our fellow Bengals who absolutely crushed it on the SICA this year. The following students improved their scores by two whole levels on the SICA Test this year: Tate Barker, Cyrus Campbell, Graci Hepburn, Zoe Grassel, Avery Martin, Katherine McDougall, Tavish Sullivan, and Gwendolyn Taylor improved by 2 levels in English.

Ruby Gese, Jess Hendren, Aiden Martin, Evan Milnes, Susan Trees, and Sky Van Trease in math. We want to see more people achieve this level of growth so make sure you are doing your absolute best on your tests next week.

Bengals, we want to work hard this year to boost our standing in the state. Our school scores are ranked against, Moscow, CDA, Lake City, Sandpoint, Lakeland and Postfalls. Its important to do these tests to the best of your ability so Lewiston High School is noticed as the best high school in northern idaho. Also, doing the best on your tests will be especially important for juniors this year.

Juniors, your ISAT scores can affect your placement in college classes meaning you could test out of certain courses if you perform well on testing. Overall we are encouraging you all to do your very best on the testing because it will benefit you and will benefit our school tremendously.

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