May 26, 2023

Today for lunch there will be french toast sticks, mini corn dogs, and pepperoni ripper.

If you didn’t pick up your yearbook last week you can still do so in Mr. Steeles room, DTEC 405. There are also still a few left for purchase for $100 if you didn’t reserve one.

The Bengal Fit games will be held during lunch breaks this week! The Bengal Fit Games are a mini-series of fun recreational challenges that anyone can compete in during first or second lunch break. How it works: Stop by the outside P.E. playfield during lunch to join in the activity of the day. The schedule is here.

  • Tuesday, May 23rd: Table Tennis  
  • Wednesday, May 24th: Cornhole
  • Thursday, May 25th: Fitness obstacle course
  • Friday, May 26th:  Class TUG OF WAR! Have your 3B teacher sign your class up for the competition.

Teacher Aide and Release forms are due by Friday.  If you signed up for one or both of these classes for next year, you would have received a form earlier this week.  If you received a Teacher Aide and/or Release form and choose not to return them, you will be placed into an alternate class.  See your counselor with any questions.

Reminder: students who are not scheduled for a class at LHS have to be off campus and are not allowed to be in the halls or the library.

Tryouts for Boys Basketball Summer League will be next Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:30.


Congratulations to all of our LHS class of 2023 athletes that participated in LHS’s signing day.

The winners for the Environmental Conservation Club’s recycling contest are as follows: first place Ms. Morton, second Ms. Delp, third Ms. GL, fourth Mr. Jacobs, and fifth Ms. Kirk. Morton’s class will receive a donut party and G.L.’s class will win candy.

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