May 29, 2024

Today’s lunch menu is chicken parmesan, mini corn dogs, pepperoni ripper, and a hamburger bar.

Safe and Sober Graduation Party tickets are for sale in the attendance office with Mrs. Hill from 8-12pm daily. They are $10 each and will be  available until graduation.

If you received an invitation to attend the scholarship reception tomorrow at 3:00 pm, then your student will receive an award and/or recognition.  Parents and family are welcome to attend.

Seniors, your Chromebook and charger must be returned to Mr. Arlint by 10:30am this Thursday the 30th. They must be clean and free from any personal stickers. You can turn these in before school, after school, or the last twenty minutes of your first or second period class.

On Thursday, May 30th, we will have a senior goodbye walk.  Seniors will be released from their second block class at 10:40.  They should gather in the main entrance/commons area. The band will lead a procession down Clearwater Hall, then go upstairs and walk all the way down the second floor going down the stairs and outside, through the DeAtley Center and then finish up at the Senior BBQ.

If you are going to a college or university next year, please see Mrs. Kerns to have her send your final transcript.

Seniors, tomorrow is the senior banquet. It is free to attend, and dinner will be provided.

Here are all the students that improved 2 levels on the SICA tests. For the Juniors, Laren Piquet, Caden Kazda, Jayden Cobley, Andrew Tomeh, Jack Brinkly, and Landon Grant, for the Sophomores Brynn Wimer, Amiah Bremenour, Brody Lynch, Aliza Paige, Owen McGuire, Peyton Cleveland, Bria Miller, Dominick Moore, Jonathan Dugdale, Jenna Clift, and Kimberly Luke, and for the Freshman, Ty Collins, Tyler Harrison, Coen Roberts, Emery McKarcher, Jayden Scott, Mason Faling, Mckenna Johnson, Carlie Lipke, Molly Grafton, Ryker Hunt, Landon Lohman, Draven Wolf, Samuel Beckstead, Robert Ford, Ryllan Quintero, Jullian Davis, Jase McKnight, Braxton Blegen, Jacob Wentworth, Elizabeth Ramacle, Emily Brown, Zavier McFee, Henry Swoboda, and Isabelle Titus. 

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