April 13, 2022 is our school SAT Day here at Lewiston High School. In addition to the SAT, ninth and tenth graders will be taking an ISAT and seniors will be participating in Senior Project Presentation Practice. Please see the information below for the details outlining what is going on per grade level. 

9th Grade:

  • Freshman will be taking their 9th grade Math CT ISAT from 8-9:50am.
  • They need to make sure they have a fully charged ChromeBook and headphones for testing. 

10th Grade:

  • Sophomores will be taking their 10th grade Math PT ISAT from 10-12pm.
  • They need to make sure they have a full charged ChromeBook and headphones for testing. 

11th Grade:

  • All Juniors will be taking their SAT begininng at 8am. They need:
  • 2 No. 2 Pencils (not mechanical)
  • a testing approved calculator (see student study guide)
  • and snacks for break times. 

12th Grade: 

Seniors will be practicing their presentations. Seniors will run through their presentation twice. A requirement of their portfolio is to have a practice sheet within their portfolio. If seniors are gone tomorrow they will need to arrange a practice time with one of their teachers on their own time. Please encourage your senior to use this time to their advantage. The practice time will help them greatly as they prepare to give their presentation to communiuty judges next week. Please note: The Senior Presentation is a graduation requirement. 

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