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BLUE CROSS OF IDAHO – Health Insurance, effective 09-01-2022.

Annual Open Enrollment:  The Districts Annual Open Enrollment Period for Health, Vision and Dental Insurance is Monday, August 1, 2022 through Monday, September 26 2022 for an effective date of September 1, 2022.

Program enhancements: – Effective 09/01/2022

HEALTH INSURANCE: Blue Cross of Idaho will remain the District’s health insurance carrier. For full-time employees, the District will fund 100% of the employee premium and 80% of the premium cost for dependents. Premiums for part-time employees and their dependents are pro-rated based upon FTE. Part-time employee rates are calculated on an hourly basis.

The District offers two plans, the Basic plan ($1,500 deductible) and an Optional plan ($3,000 deductible).

Eligibility: Certificated employees who work at least Cert50, Administrators and Educational Support Personnel (ESP) who work at least 20 hours per week are eligible for insurance coverage.

Eligible employees have thirty (30) days from their hire date to elect initial enrollment in the health plan. Late enrollment will be effective as of September 1 following application. Employees will be enrolled in a PPO Plan (Preferred Provider Organization).

2022-2023 Insurance Rates

2022-2023 Insurance Applications

2022-2023 Benefit Summaries – Please note there have been no benefit changes for 2021-2022.

Health Plan Links and Information

Blue Cross of Idaho – Customer Service Telephone:  (208) 331-7347 or Toll Free (800)-627-1188

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