Delivery and Printshop

Note the following projected delivery times for mail and printshop orders.

Time Mail Stop
8:25 am Central Services
8:55 am Orchards Elementary School
9:05 am Sacajawea Junior High School
9:10 am Valley Boy’s and Girl’s Club
9:15 am Centennial Elementary School
9:25 am McGhee Elementary School
9:35 am McSorley Elementary School
9:45 am Jenifer Junior High School
9:50 am Whitman Elementary School
10:00am  NCH Education Center
10:05am  Juvenile Detention Center
10:15am Webster Elementary School
10:20am Lewiston High School T-12 Modular 311
10:22am  Lewiston High School
11:00am  Printshop
11:10am  Tammany Alternative School
11:20am  Camelot Elementary School
2013-2014 Printshop Manual (new pricing effective 09-01-2013)

Printing Request Form

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