Drivers Education

Welcome to Driver Education Independent School District #1

It is an exciting time!  Below you will find steps 1-4 that need to be taken to enroll into Driver Education. Please review and follow each step carefully.  Your student(s) MUST be 14 ½ to begin the enrollment process to Driver Ed. 

Step 1: The Driver Education Eligibility form needs to be signed and completed verifying your student is in good standing with their grades, lunch account, library account and all other miscellaneous fines within the school district. Your student can obtain this form from their school’s secretary or print using this link: Driver Education Eligibility Form

Step 2: Have your student return the signed and completed Driver Education Eligibility form to their school’s office.  Your student will then receive the Verification of Compliance form and the Registration for Driver Education Program with the Independent School District form needed by Driver Licensing to purchase a permit.

Step 3: Contact the Driver Licensing Department to schedule an appointment to purchase permit by calling 208-799-3138 between the hours of 7am-4pm or online at Please click here to review the items that will be needed during your appointment.

Step 4: After purchasing your student’s permit, please complete the DRIVER EDUCATION REGISTRATION FORM to enroll in Driver Education. You will need to select three class options that are currently available. Please view the options here – CLASS OPTIONS LIST. Class options include online and in person classes. The in person class fee is $165 and the online class fee is $240.

Once all steps have been completed above, you will be contacted through email with the class your student will be enrolled in and further instructions about this class.

If you have any questions, please contact Lindsay Falkenstein at

Printable Version of the Steps for enrolling in Driver Education 

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