Our Mission

Guide and empower ALL students 

to learn at high levels

today, tomorrow and in the future.

We are Burros!


At JMS every student understands they have the ability, skills and support needed to learn at the highest levels. 

Together we:

  • Provide an environment in which everyone feels they belong and are supported
  • Put student needs and learning first
  • Establish a school culture in which effort, perseverance, practice, and failure are part of the learning process
  • Teach and model academic skills and behaviors to build student agency
  • Use data-driven decisions to improve student learning on a continuous basis
  • Take collective responsibility for learning through a collaborative culture of interdependence¬†


Student engagement in Learning

Leadership, Ownership, and Belonging

Reading is an essential skill

Read to learn, read critically, read with purpose

Writing is an essential skill

Write with a purpose

Problem Solving is an essential skill

Think critically

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