Vision Insurance

Our vision insurance carrier for 2017-2018 continues to be Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. See the eye doctor of your choice, including an EyeMed vision network provider. A yearly $20 deductible is due at your first eye exam or eyewear appointment of the year.

See your plan highlight sheet for the exam, lenses, frame and contacts benefit allowances. It also shows the network pricing available to you through an EyeMed provider. To find an EyeMed provider near you, visit, Find a Provider, enter your ZIP Code, and select Access network.

To see your plan highlight sheet, claim form and exclusive member extras, please visit your online vision benefit center

Your benefits allow one eye exam every 12 months, prescription eyeglass lenses or contact lenses every 12 months, and an eyeglass frame once every 24 months. If you like to switch between prescription glasses and contacts, it works well to get eyeglasses one year, and contacts the next year.

Some vision providers can bill Ameritas for you. However, if they cannot, pay the bill, get your itemized invoice, complete the claim form, and mail it all to Ameritas for reimbursement.

Be sure to get your annual eye exam for a healthier you.


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