NCPERS Voluntary Life Insurance

Coverage is available at a lower group cost through the NCPERS -National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems.  Every member, regardless of age, pays the same cost of $16 a month.  Your cost does not increase with your age.  The plan pays a maximum benefit amount in your younger years and gradually decreasing benefit amount in your older years. This benefit would cover you, your spouse/partner and dependent children.

“Advantages of this insurance?”

  • Guaranteed Acceptance – no health questions asked.
  • 24/7 Coverage – on or off the job.
  • Affordable – $16 a month regardless of age.
  • Easy Payment – by automatic payroll deduction.

“How Can I Enroll?

  • You may enroll within 90 days of the date of your benefit eligible employment.
  • You may enroll during the annual open enrollment period, which is September 1st through November 30th annually.

For more information or to enroll please see the following:

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