Employee Assistance Program

IBH Solutions/RBH Reliant Behavioral Health – 1-866-750-1327.  
Please contact IBH Solutions/RBH prior to making any appointments for the services. 

The District’s Employee Assistance Program is available through IBH Solutions/RBH – Reliant Behavioral Health.  The EAP (Employee Assistance Program) helps you privately solve problems that may interfere with your work, family, and life in general.  EAP services are FREE to you, your dependents, and all household members.  EAP services are always confidential and provided by experts.  The EAP offers the following services.

Please contact IBH Solutions/RBH prior to making any appointment for the services. 

Confidential Counseling:  The EAP includes free and confidential sessions (available by phone or video, if preferred).

24-hour Crisis Help –  toll-free access for you or a family member experiencing a crisis. 1-866-750-1327.

In-Person Counseling – up to 4 face-to-face counseling sessions are available for each new issue.  Simply call for access to qualified, local counselors who can help you with a variety of problems, such as family, parenting, relationship, stress, anxiety, and other challenges. Counselors are available in Lewiston, Clarkston, Pullman and Moscow.  1-866-750-1327.

On line ConsultantsRBH eAccess convenient access to online consultations with licensed counselors through RBH eAccess at www.ibhsolutions.com.  Online consultations are a great way to get support for brief issues, even when time is limited.  www.ibhsolutions.com.

IBH Solutions/RBH  – Access current health news, tools for parenting, health topic, movies, wellness resources, financial calculators, legal forms and over 50 online trainings.  www.Ibhsolutions.com.

     IBH Solutions/MyRBH Access Code:  ISD1


  • Legal Services – access a free, half-hour consultation, by phones or in person, for a any non-work related issue, followed with a 25% discount in legal fees.
  • Financial Services – access free phone support for up to 30 days for each new financial issue, such as debt counseling, budgeting, and college or retirement planning.
  • Mediation Services – request free consultations for personal, family and non-work related issues such as divorce, neighbor disputes, or real estate.
  • Online Legal Forms – receive a free will template to complete in your own time.
  • Home Ownership Program – get free support and information about making smarter choices when shopping for a new home; making financial decisions; relocating; or selling a home.
  • Identity Theft Services – access support in planning the recovery process for restoring your identity and credit after and incident.
  • Child/Eldercare Resources
  • College Planning Program

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