Policy Update for Parents & Visitors

Communication to parents concerning securing exterior doors to buildings 1 & 2

(Via Class Dojo/Connect 5/Website)
Policy implemented 3/1/2018

At McSorley Elementary, we value our parents and volunteers on campus and encourage them to interact with our students and faculty. A high level of parent engagement is one of the many strengths of McSorley’s school culture.  It is our goal to continue supporting this engagement, while balancing the need for a safe and secure school environment.  McSorley’s campus consists of four separate buildings which requires a unique way in which we create a safe campus for our students, staff, and community visitors.

Beginning Thursday, March 1, McSorley will secure the exterior access doors to buildings 1 and 2 during the school day. Visitors will continue to be required to check in at the main office and receive a visitor’s pass. The office will call the teacher to inform them that a visitor is coming to the room. Visitors will be greeted at the door by the teacher when they arrive at their exterior classroom destination.  We consider a visitor defined as anyone, adult or child, not assigned to our school.

Parental involvement is crucial to building a positive and supportive school culture. We appreciate your on-going support to sustain our safe and positive school culture.  If you have any questions, please call Mr. Kronemann at 208.748.3653.

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