Changing My Network Password

If you have forgotten your Network or email password, please contact your campus Campus Computer Technologist to be assigned a new password. If the tech is unavailable, please dial ext.3999 and IT will assist you.


  • IT does not track user passwords.
  • The instructions are for staff network & email accounts
  • The instructions are for student network accounts
  • Student email is handled by Google’s  G Suite, not the instructions below. Only your Campus Computer Technologist can assist with G Suite passwords
  • Skyward account assistance is handled by the Business Office, not the instructions below
  • PowerSchool is handled by a separate system as well, not the instructions below

On a staff account, by changing the email password, you are changing the login password (because they are one and the same).

Students MUST use method 2 to change their network password.

Staff may change their passwords in one of two ways:

Method 1: VIA OWA

Open Outlook Web App
Open Options > Settings > Password
Insert your current password in the Old password field, then enter a new password in the New password field and Confirm new password field
Note: The new password must be 6 characters or more.
Click Save
The email system will log you out (when you click on anything else it will redirect you to the logout/login pages)
login with your new credentials.


Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and select Change Password.

Note: The new password must be 6 characters or more.

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