Computer Technologist Listing By Campus

Are you a staff member currently experiencing a technology issue?
The Lewiston School District offers you local support to address all your technology needs. It is essential that your school/campus Computer Technologist be apprised of the functionality of all their school/campus technology. If your Computer Technologist is performing assessment testing or you have already spoken with them and they have referred you to IT please call us at 748-3999. If that is not the case, please contact your Computer Technologist first:

Camelot Elementary School (CAM): unknown – 748-3509
Centennial Elementary School (CEN): Kaeleen W Burrup – 748-3584
Central Services (CS) None – 7483999
Jenifer Junior High (JEN): Brandon S Blewett – 748-3367
Lewiston High School (LHS): Lisa M Kokernak – 748-3159
McGhee Elementary School (MCG): Susan L Dale – 748-3615
McSorley Elementary School (MCS): Taunia L Solders – 748-3695
Sacajawea Junior High (SAC): Sandy C Boyer – 748-3422
Orchards Elementary School (ORC): Toinette K Murphy – 748-3741
Tammany Alternative Center (TAC): Shelly M Renzelman – 748-3283
Webster Elementary School (WEB): Kim Moser – 748-3806
Whitman Elementary School (WHI): Teresa M Durham – 748-3893

Note: Shelly Renzelman is a Certificated staff member and assists in her free time.

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