About McSorley Elementary School

McSorley Elementary school opened in the fall of 1966.  As a final tribute to one of Lewiston’s most prominent educators, the Board of Directors of Independent School District #1, named the new “team teaching school” for Miss Lillian McSorley.

Miss McSorley, as teacher and principal in the Lewiston School District for 39 years before retiring in 1962, was remembered not only for her dedication to education, but for her contributions to the community as well.  She was in many ways what everyone imagines a teacher or principal to be.  To her pupils, among who were many of Lewiston’s prominent citizens, she was a person with an interest in more than just their intellectual development.  She combined civic work with her educational activities and was twice named Lewiston’s “Woman of the Year.”

Miss McSorley gave to the community much more than just her name for the new school.  She created a legacy for others to follow, and as one educator noted, “The culture of our school can be found in the stories it tells itself.” (R. Dufour)  Perhaps others who pass through McSorley Elementary School will one day create their own legacy…just imagine the possibilities!!!

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