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District Homepage Scheduled for Makeover

Central Services administrators have discussed with the Board of Directors the need to streamline the District’s website in order to provide easier access and availability for users. A local web hosting service, Wovax LLC, Moscow, Idaho, has been selected to provide some of these services to the District. The Wovax team will consult with school district officials to develop a new template for the homepage and underlying school and department pages. The rollout is expected to occur sometime after the first of the year.

Parents must be engaged in the education of their children (Strategic Direction, Guiding Principle #3)

Friday, November 6, is the end of the first quarter for Lewiston Public Schools. Secondary students will be on early release schedules and there will be no school for elementary students. Exams will be taken by students in some classrooms to help determine academic progress. To that end, instructors have worked hard to prepare students. Parents are encouraged to support learning by assuring that your child attends class all day, every day (unless illness/complication prevents), gets adequate sleep each night, and is provided a good breakfast before class starts each morning.

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