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It’s better when we all work together

Starting last school year (2013-2014), the administration began to focus more on school culture. Learning together as an administrative team included two book studies to explore strategies for developing school culture and analyzing successful organizations that have recognized that building a positive culture doesn’t just happen. Like so many things that matter, it takes time, attention and effort to develop. Administrators focused on a growth versus fixed mindset through this learning. During the opening assembly with all staff on August 25, employees at all levels were challenged to implement a “WE” versus “they” culture by using a simple pronoun test. The pronoun test was devised by former U.S. labor secretary Robert Reich as a smart diagnostic tool for measuring the health of an organization by observing how employees refer to their company. Is it “they” or “we?” “They” suggests at least some amount of disengagement, perhaps even alienation, while “we” suggests the opposite – employees feel they’re part of something significant and meaningful. “WE” in the Lewiston School District are committed to a culture of support for student learning and staff effectiveness.

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