Reading Mother Statue

Reading Mother statue
Generous Donation to Orchards Library from Chuck Stroschein

Chuck STroschein donated a small statue to our Orchards library in memory of his mother who used to attend our school! Mr. Stroschein’s mother instilled in her family the value of reading and an education. The statue that was donated is a smaller version of one displayed at Lewiston Public Library. A gratitude toward her mother for sparking a more than 70-year love of reading inspired Lewiston artist Sharon Taylor Hall’s work. The artist wanted to encourage other mothers to still take the time to read to their children. “Because I think it makes a big difference in how children feel about books.” stated Ms. Hall.

Yearly Survey

Mrs. GomezOrchards Elementary School
Feb 16
Each year schools in Idaho are required by the state to have
students, staff, and parents complete engagement surveys. The
Lewiston School District is fortunate to have offered face-to-face
instruction since August. And, we would like to know how we are
doing. Please take 5 minutes to complete our Orchards’ parent
survey. Use the drop-down menu to select our specific school.
The survey window is open from February 15 – March 31.
Thank you so much for your feedback and support. It is a great day
to be a Panther!
Parent survey link: https://eprovesurveys.advanced.