September’s Leaders

September's Leaders
Students honored for their leadership skills for the month of September. Special honoree Kayleb Peterson. Kayleb always goes out of his way to make everyone feel welcome. Go Panthers!

PTA Notes October 14th

The PTA met last night and here are some highlights:

  1.  We would like more parent volunteers to help with vision & hearing screening next year.  It’s always in October, so let’s remember to reach out early next fall. 
  2. Christmas Concert adjustment this year:  It may be K-3 & Choir, making our program consistent with other schools in the district.
  3. Teacher Grant Form:  You may request money from PTA through their “Teacher Grant Form”.  Requests must be approved at PTA meetings so schedule requests accordingly.  J  They continue to reimburse teacher school purchases up to $100.00.
  4. Membership:  UP this year!!  We went from 7 teachers to 22!!  Thank you!  Parent enrollment up also, 52!  Winners of membership drive announced soon!   Watch FB and our assembly.
  5. Book Fair received the 40% return.  3 days of Book Fair was well received.  We will work to avoid fair week.  Combining with other school events was good.
  6. PTA will be supporting teachers with dinner foods during conferences.  THANK YOU!!!            
  7. Reflections competition entries due Nov. 22.  Announcement will be made at assembly on Friday.
  8. Piggies are going to the bank on Thursday.
  9. Spring fundraisers still under discussion.

Next meeting Nov. 9.  6PM in the lounge.