Using Web Technologies and Unblocking/Whitelisting

As a professional staff member, if you would like to use a web-technology such as an app or web page in your curriculum or duties, please use the following workflow:

  1. Staff find a web technology they would like to leverage
  2. Staff research both legal and technical requirements for said technology
  3. Staff test the technology in our environment for functionality
  4. Staff contact the support for said technology should functional issues arise
  5. Staff identify the URLs/ports necessary for the technology to function
  6. Staff make any “unblock/whitelist” URL/port requests of their Principal
  7. Principal in turn reports said requests to Lance Hansen for vetting
  8. Lance vets then approves/disapproves the unblock/whitelist request, handing approvals to IT to perform, or denies back to the Principal with associated reasoning
  9. IT informs Lance when unblocking/whitelisting is complete
  10. Lance informs Principal that staff need to test the technology once more
  11. Principal informs Staff
  12. Staff tests the technology for functionality

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