Pop-up Blocking

Each District-approved browser manages its pop-ups independently.

Manage pop-up blocking in Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, tap or click the Tools button and then tap or click Internet options

On the Privacy tab, under Pop-up Blocker, tap or click Settings.

Add and remove sites from your allow list as needed


click to enlarge

click Close

click OK

Manage pop-up blocking in Firefox

In Firefox, open Menu>Options


click to enlarge

Select the Content tab. Here you can enable/disable pop-up blocking behavior by checking or unchecking Block pop-up windows


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To allow/disallow specific sites, click on the Exceptions… button that corresponds with Block pop-up windows.


click to enlarge



Enter the URL of the site you would like to create an exception for in the Address of web site: field, and click Allow. The said site should appear in the exception list below.


click to enlarge


If you would like to remove a site from the exception list, click on the site in question and then click the Remove Site button.

Click the Save Changes button.

Click Close in the Allowed Sites window, then close the Options tab.

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