Network Printing Font Substitution

When we print some PDF’s in FireFox, the jobs come out of the printer with strange characters.

The problem is font substitution in your machines Print Driver. To fix this, perform the following:
In Windows, go to Start>Control Panel>Printers
Locate the printer in question, right-click and select Printing Preferences
In the Preference window, because each printer has a different driver, you must find a particular setting: True Type
Here are some common driver locations for Font Substitution:
In the above image, we see we are on the Print Preferences Print Quality tab. Note the TrueType section, with mode: Download as TrueType set and Use Printer Fonts unselected. Hit OKProcedure Complete if this was similar to your driver interface. If not, continue below.
In the above image we see the Advanced tab. Expand the graphic tree and select Download as Softfont. Click OK.

Procedure complete.
You have now effectively told the printer to download the font, not replace it (which caused the issue.)

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