Manage Distribution Lists

A Distribution List in our email system is used to group users together to receive a common email, such as All-Cam, which would email every staff member belonging to the Camelot Elementary school campus.

Building Administrative Assistants have ownership of their campus’ distribution lists. Other designated users may also have management of other District Distribution Lists. Both manage group membership using the following method:

Manage Group Membership in Exchange Distribution Lists

Open Internet Explorer and surf to and log in with your network credentials. Click the settings cog in the upper-right, select Options.

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Select the Groups tab from the left menu, click the name of the group you own in the distribution groups I own column, and click the Edit (pencil) icon. Note: If you see nothing listed here you do not manage any Distribution Lists in our system.

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In the Distribution Group window, select the membership tab. Here you can click the “+” to add or “” to remove members from the list.

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Don’t forget to Save your changes.

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