Long Distance Calls

Long Distance Instructions for District Phones

Note: 04-02-2007 the ISD1 Business Office sent this message:

Hello Staff,
As of April 2, 2007—-Today– We have a new long Distance Phone Carrier. You will no longer get a voice prompt which asks you to enter your long distance phone code. When you are making District long distance calls, dial 9-1-xxx-xxxx and you will hear a tone. As soon as you hear the tone punch in your long distance code.If you are having problems, please let me know. Thanks for your patience.

Long Distance Instructions for Fax Machines
When placing a long distance call, there is a 5 second delay between dialing the last digit in the phone number and the tone that is the new prompt for the long distance code. After the tone starts, you have 6 seconds in which to enter your account code before the call is terminated. This means your account code must be entered between 5 and 11 seconds after dialing the last digit of the phone number. This is very different from our previous long distance dialing system. You will need to check your fax documentation to determine the exact length of each pause character and then determine how many pauses will be necessary to hit the small account code window.

For example, if my fax machine’s pause length is 4 seconds and the number I am dialing is 509-555-5678 and my account code is 3029, then I would have to dial:

9 pause 15095555678 pause pause 3029

to send a long distance fax. In this example, the two pauses will total 8 seconds which is longer than the initial 5 second dialing delay but shorter than the 11 second call termination.

If you are having a physical problem with your phoneline, please contact the ISD1 Maintenance Dept.

Should you be having issues with your physical phone itself (hanging up on you frequently) Please call us at Ext.3999


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