Camelot Computer Summer Camp ’23

Welcome all Camelot parents and students. I am very excited to announce that we will be doing our first ever “Computer Summer Camp” for summer 2023. Our librarian, Mrs. Everett, was generous enough to write us up a grant in order for her and I to open up both the computer lab and library this summer.

Below you will find all the information and details relating to Computer Summer Camp and the Library.

Camelot Computer Camp 2023

Hello parents, if you are receiving this letter, you child is officially signed up for Camelot Computer Camp ’23.  I am super excited about this opportunity, and am sending home this letter to clear up some questions. 

Time / Location:

  • The first day of summer camp will be on Thursday, June 15th
    • Incoming 2nd / 3rd will be: noon – 130pm
    • Incoming 4th / 5th will be: 130pm – 300pm
    • From here we will be meeting EVERY Tuesday and Thursday, until mid-July.
      • The only week we will be taking off is the week of the 4th of July
        • That being Tuesday, July 4th and Thursday, July 6th.
  • We will be doing Summer Camp in the “Computer Lab” which is located in the MAIN building (building #4).
    • I plan to have the gate open, on the NORTH – side of the MAIN building so you will be able to drive up, behind the building, and drop of your child at the BACK door of the computer lab.  I’ll have a sign indicating which door that is.
    • When picking up your child, PLEASE be on time, at the end of their given session.  I will release them out the back door of the computer lab, where you picked them up.
      • Parking might be a little tight, so please just be courteous of others. J


I’m more than happy to let your child bring in snacks, please just make sure it is nothing super messy.  Something like fruit snacks or crackers. 🙂

  • I have a water fountain in the lab.

I’m going to be leaving my personal phone number and email if you need to get a hold of me for emergency or anything of the sorts. J


Eric Otto

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