Understanding Network Storage

Network Storage, in our environment, is hard drive space attached to a File Server. On the file server is a structure of folders, each with it’s own permissions and size limitations. With the exception of Shared/Group Folders, each folder is accessible only by it’s assigned user account. A secure location for files, the file server hosts user profiles, My Documents folders, as well as other primary user folders which are all redirected to the user’s network home folder. When Windows opens your personal My Documents or My Photos folders, they actually are opening your documents here, at Central Services, on the File1 file server. This allows you to access your documents from any district machine, a really nice benefit for our students and itinerant staff.

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Note: Your Recycle Bin is also a part of your redirected profile. Don’t forget to empty it, all of that data counts against your 2GB allocation.

Folder Size Limitations

The default setting for network storage has been set at 2GB Staff / 1GB Student. Staff may request additional storage from their Supervisor/Principal.

Appropriate Use

Your Network Share should be utilized for documents that are frequently updated. Your share should never be used for backup purposes. Burn your backups to CD or use another storage media (eg. USB flash, cloud services, or external hard drive.)

Your campus’ Computer Technologist has access to WinDirStat Portable software to help you find consumption of your H: drive. Please contact them for assistance.

Additionally, the file servers are not designed for network-based applications or to act as application servers. If you have a need for a network-based application, please contact us @ 3999.

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