Safe and Sober Graduation

Hello, Seniors and Parents.  Safe and Sober will be running a few raffles that we would love your help with.  The first is the Phil Knightly basketball tournament in Portland over the Thanksgiving break.  The winner will have access to all Gonzaga games – there will be at least 2, maybe 3 depending on how they play.  A $500 Visa card for food and gas and 3 paid nights in the Crowne Plaza hotel are included.  We have a limited number of these tickets (100) and they are $100 each.  The drawing will take place on October 24th.

The other raffle (a $3000 Visa card) will run for the next 2 months and will have incentives for the sellers.  This raffle will be drawn for on December 1st, in time for holiday spending.  Tickets are $20/each or 3/$50.  High school seniors will receive an extra raffle ticket for their graduation party for every 10 tickets they sell.  Family can help sell as well.  The top seller of this raffle will win a $100 Visa card.  The 2nd highest seller will get a $50 Visa card.  Those prizes are open to any age of high schooler.  This is a great fundraiser for students because they can sell to family and friends all over the place!  No need to stay local, since the card can be mailed and used in a variety of ways.  A great way to sell is to advertise on your social media account.  You can share the posts from the LHS Safe and Sober facebook page to get started.  I can drop tickets off at the front office at Tammany for students to pick up to sell or you can contact me and I can get you tickets.

If you have any questions or need tickets to sell or would like some of the Zags raffle tickets, please text Kira at 208-530-0537.

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