9th Grade Course Descriptions

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Required Classes in Grade 9

ENGLISH 9: 1 year required class 9-12–graded

This course is based on literature with grammar and writing as supporting skills. The theme “Coming of Age” is carried out in a multicultural selection of literature stories, poems and novels. Classics, such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and Homer’s Odyssey, are studied and interpreted. Vocabulary that is used in all subject areas is stressed and reinforced in the science and English departments throughout the year.

ALGEBRA I: 1 year required class 9-12–graded

Algebra I is a course of fundamental algebraic concepts dealing with open sentences, axioms, equations, problem solving, negative numbers, special products factoring graphs and sentences in two variables. A graphing calculator is used.

GEOMETRY (Accelerated) 9: 1 year optional math class–graded

Geometry involves the study of points, lines, polygons, circles and arcs. Technology, such as graphing calculators and computers are used in this course. The equivalent of Algebra I is a prerequisite.

ALGEBRA 1 PART 1: 1 year class–graded

This curriculum includes preparation for Algebra I. Students work with positive and negative rational numbers and convert decimals to percents to fractions and back. Students will also solve 1, 2, and 3 step equations; graph inequalities and linear equations; and work with statistics and probability.

EARTH SCIENCE: 1 year required class–graded

Earth science is a laboratory course emphasizing the process of scientific investigation of the physical world and earth systems. The laboratory approach uses scientific investigations, computers, CD-ROM, videos, and the Internet. This course builds a foundation of knowledge in the earth sciences encompassing astronomy, geology, meteorology and some oceanography.

READING 9: 1 semester required class 9-12–graded

The secondary Reading class reviews basic reading and study skills, especially as those skills apply to achieving success in content area classes. Successful students with strong reading and study skills may test out of this class.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION 9: 1 semester required class–graded

A required one-semester co-ed course that includes lifetime sports, fitness programs, individual and team sports, and skills and weight lifting.

EXPLORING TECHNOLOGY: 1 semester required for High School Graduation–graded

The Course will be a study in Technology that includes course work in Communications, Transportation, Construction, Production, and Multimedia. Students will be required to complete projects in each of these areas. Students who have shown exemplary work in ComputerTech 7 or 8 will have the opportunity to take an advanced technology class.

One Year Electives

BAND : 1 year class–graded 

Band 7/8 preference – This class will focus on concert band music of many styles. Members will take part in community events and various festivals.  Students in this class will be challenged with a higher level of musicality and technique.

JAZZ BAND: 1 year class–graded (Audition Required)

Meets from 7:15 to 8:10

Students will learn a number of jazz styles through playing and listening. In addition to reading music, students are taught and participate in improvisation.  This is a very important skill that all students of jazz should have exposure to. Students interested in this class must be dedicated and focused musicians.

CHORUS: 1 year class–graded

Open to all 7th, 8th and 9th grade students.  Primary focus will be classical music.  Performance at three (3) concerts plus district large-group festivals is required.  Class offering will be contingent on student numbers.

SPANISH 1: 1 year class –graded

The first year is an introduction to the Spanish language. Students will study four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. First year emphasizes basic grammar structure. In addition, the student will become familiar with the culture of Spanish speaking countries.  A strong English background is recommended.

Semester Electives

ART:  1 Semester class-graded

This course is designed as a high school level art class that explores the art elements and principles of design while also learning about the history of art.  Students will learn to use a variety of art tools and materials while exploring various techniques in both two dimensions and three dimensions.

CREATIVE ART AND COMPOSITION:  1 Semester class-graded (Fall Semester Only)

This course is an introduction to basic two dimensional and three dimensional design concepts. Students will explore the reasoning behind making art as well as a broad variety of art tools and materials. There will be an emphasis on studio production.

ADVANCED ART: 1 semester—graded (Spring Semester Only)-Prerequisite= Minimum of one semester of Art in grade 7, 8, or 9.

This course is for students to pursue making art in a more in depth and individualized approach. Students will explore drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture in this course and be expected to create a body of work to put in a portfolio. Students will also spend time creating an artist statement based on individual work.

PHYSICAL FITNESS: 1 semester—graded

Emphasis in this class is put on strength development, cardio endurance and lifetime sports.

SPEECH: 1 semester required for High School graduation

This course focuses on public speaking and interpersonal communication skills. Students will develop and present informative, persuasive, demonstration, and entertainment speeches. In addition, students will identify and use effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills and appropriate listening skills, applying them to the job interview process and social occasions.

TEACHER AIDE:  (Also includes Office, Library & Elementary Aide) 1 semester class—pass/fail

Duties as assigned:  teacher/staff and parental permission required.

TEEN LIVING: 1 semester class–graded

One semester class – This isn’t your Mama’s Home Ec. Class!!  Get ready to learn how to tackle life’s challenges through projects designed for today’s teen. Students who take Teen Living will learn about family roles, healthy relationships, leadership and teamwork and will explore time and money management, job skills, interviewing for a job, and independent living skills such as cooking, nutrition, and parenting skills.

STUDY SKILLS: 1 semester or 1 year class–graded

Students will learn study strategies, homework skills and have tutoring available. Emphasis will be on individual needs in areas of course work that are offered in our curriculum.


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