7th Grade Course Descriptions

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Core Classes

ADVISORY 7: 1 year required class–pass/fail

Advisory is a twenty-minute, daily meeting time for students and their assigned advisor. This time serves as a home base and provides an opportunity to develop personal, social, and study skills through a sequenced, instructional program.

1 year required class–graded

This class period integrates and combines subject matter ordinarily taught separately into a single organizational structure. This course is project-oriented and performance-based. It may include Young Authors projects.

LANGUAGE!: 1 year–graded

Provides practice to mastery of the most basic aspects of the code of written English. This course utilizes a structured language approach that directly teaches all aspects of language arts. Course will enable students to gain automatic word recognition.

LANGUAGE ARTS 7: 1 year required class–graded

Students will participate in reading/writing/speaking that is grounded in evidence from the text. Students will build knowledge and academic language through a balance of nonfiction and literary texts.

LIFE SCIENCE 7: 1 year required class–graded

Students learn life science through the development of logical, scientific thought processes and participating in an inquiry based environment. The life science units include characteristics of living things, cells, human body systems, heredity, evolution and ecology.

PRE-ALGEBRA 7: 1 year required class–graded

Seventh-grade math acts as the foundation for nearly the entire math that students will need to learn through their high school years and beyond. It reinforces the number theory and lessons that the students learned in elementary school and introduces much of the new material that will be covered more thoroughly later on. Some of the major topics covered are fractions, geometry and measurement, integers, percents, ratios and proportions, and many of the basic pre-algebra concepts. The class is taught using the textbook, outside materials, and various hands-on activities.

WORLD GEOGRAPHY: 1 year required class–graded

Students will study maps and the globe, utilizing graphs to determine time zones, seasons, climate, ocean currents, people and resources. Emphasis is placed on locating latitude/longitude, knowledge of the location of the world’s countries, the culture and economy of countries, and how each country relates directly or indirectly to our own lives. Daily assignments are utilized along with unit projects. Oral expression through class discussions, questions/answers, and oral presentation is essential.


HEALTH 7: 1 quarter required class–graded

“Teenage Health Issues” — Students will learn about, evaluate, and decide on health practices, health products, and health services. They will identify human behavior that causes pollution and the potential health consequences of the pollution. The students will also develop a plan for altering the environment to promote good mental and physical health. In addition, the issues of substance abuse and good mental health will be explored.

MUSIC: 1 quarter required class–graded

The seventh-grade curriculum is an opportunity to explore several aspects of music, beginning with music as organized sound and proceeding through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, tone color, and form.

WRITER’S WORKSHOP 7: 1 semester required class–graded

Writer’s Workshop focuses on producing argumentative, explanatory, and narrative writing using the writing process (planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing).


BAND 7: 1 year class–graded

This class is open to all 7th grade students. Band members will take part in community events and various festivals.

CHORUS:  1 year class–graded

Open to all 7th, 8th and 9th grade students.  Primary focus will be classical music.  Performance at three (3) concerts plus district large-group festivals is required.  Class offering will be contingent on student numbers.

COMPUTER TECH 7: 1 semester class–graded

This class will explore the following areas of technology: communication, transportation, construction, production, and multi-media. Students will learn the basics of computer technology as well as complete projects in each of these areas. Students may take this class only once during 7th or 8th grade.

INTRO TO ART 7: 1 semester class–graded

A beginning visual arts course designed to provide an overview of the visual arts while studying a broad variety of art tools and materials. There will be an emphasis on studio production.

JAZZ BAND 7/8/9: 1 year class–graded (Audition required)

Zero hour (before school) Meets at7:15 to 8:10

Students will learn a number of jazz styles through playing and listening. In addition to reading music, students are taught and participate in improvisation.

KEYBOARDING 7: 1 semester class–graded

Learn a skill that they can use as soon as tomorrow and continue to use throughout your life. Students will learn proper computer keyboarding techniques and other computer skills. Students will then use their keyboarding skills to use different application tools and improve speed while word processing.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION 7: 1semester class–graded

Emphasis put on individual, dual and team sports.

YOUNG LIVING 7: 1 semester class–graded

This isn’t your Mamma’s Home Ec. Class!! This course fits the needs of today’s young student wanting to learn about and practice healthy relationships, and get hands on experience with independent living skills. Topics’ include child care and safety, CPR training, communication and relationships, design, job skills, environmental concerns, cooking skills and nutrition. Welcome to Family and Consumer Science!

LIFE SKILLS: 1 semester or 1 year class–graded

This is an individualized study group. Students that will focus on skills that they will need to function in today’s society. Subjects range from money, time, social skills, safety and community.

STUDY SKILLS: 1 semester or 1 year class–graded

Students will learn study strategies, homework skills and have tutoring available. Emphasis will be on individual needs in areas of course work that are offered in our curriculum.

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