Mr. Harper Receives the Martha S. Baskin Award for Outstanding Elementary Teacher!

Orchards Elementary has the honor of being the home school of the Martha S. Baskin Award recipient. This years “Outstanding Elementary Teacher” is our own R. J. Harper! Mr. Harper has been a member of the Orchards family for 8 years now. His first two years he was a sixth grade teacher. When a need for a third grade teacher came up, Mr. Harper graciously accepted the offer and has never looked back. “Honestly, I feel like every single classroom I walk past has a teacher in it that deserves this award more than me.” said Mr. Harper. Many students; both past and present, along with parents and fellow staff members disagree. When asked who inspired him to be a teacher, Mr. Harper said “I really loved my 4th grade teacher, Mr. Paisano, out at Lapwai. He was very kind to me. Rhett Diesner at LCSC is also on my mind often.” Well Mr. Harper, we think you are a special person and an amazing teacher. Thank you for all you do for our kids.

The Harper Family!

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