Outstanding Leader May 2016

Eli Main from Mrs. Roth’s 3rd grade class is the Outstanding Leader for the month of May. This is what her teacher said about her:  I am honored to be Eli’s teacher. She comes to school every day with a positive attitude. She is an eager learner and accepts any challenge thrown at her. She loves challenges and NEVER backs down! She has incredible perseverance. She honors everyone’s ideas. She considers things before saying a word. You can see the wheels turning in her head as she analyzes situations. If she disagrees, she has a way of kindly explaining her thoughts while still being respectful. I know adults that don’t have this skill, and Eli has it mastered!

Eli has integrity. She does the right thing. She is also very thoughtful about things going on around her. She is one of those kids you are so excited to see grow up because of how she already changes the world for the better.

The best thing about Eli, though, is her incredible heart for others and kindness. She is truly a friend to everyone. Often learning comes easily to Eli, but she has a way of befriending people who sometimes take more time to understand. She befriends people who are different than her. She celebrates different people’s strengths. She is patient and an excellent teacher. She is encouraging and is excellent at explaining things. She knows what it looks like to be a great friend, and truly treats everyone the way they would want to be treated. She never leaves people out, and her peers feel safe around her. They look up to her and she never lets them down.

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