Outstanding Leader March 2016

Kendall Hodges in Mrs. Koenig’s 6th grade is the Overall Leadership Winner for March 2016. This is what her nominees said about her:  “Kendal is a quiet leader. She is not bossy or disrespectful, she is the kind of leader that you can trust and because of that, you highly respect. Shi is constantly showing integrity, always being a good role model for others. She is kind, polite, and follows directions well. She is always striving to do her best, in any and every situation. She is gracious towards others, knowing that no one is perfect and shows forgiveness to her peers. She is just simply amazing!”

“I think that Kendal Hodges should be awarded, because she show leadership throughout the day. She considers everyone’s opinion, and is even nice when people are not listening with their eyes, ears, and hearts. Kendall is a great role model for the class. That is why she should be recognized!”

“She is always on task, shows integrity even when we have a sub. She is a good friend and lets everyone play, she never uses mean or disrespectful words, and always has a good sense of humor.”

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