Outstanding Leader February 2016

Elishia Trieber in Mrs. Koenig’s 6th grade class is the overall leadership winner for February. This is what her nominee said about her:  “Elishia is always showing integrity. She strives for learning as much as she can in school, on the soccer field, with her Knowledge Bowl team, literally in every activity she participates in. She is a leader at school; she has figured out how to manage being a leader in both first grade classrooms while not getting behind in her regular classroom work. She is our classroom art leader in addition to that primary leadership role. She has also taken on the responsibility of being a sanitation leader (which is not a very popular leadership role, and yet she completes it every day with a positive attitude) and a writing leader. She is always listening to the speaker with her eyes, ears, and heart. She willingly and graciously helps out any student in our school, even using her free time to do so, if necessary. She amazes me every day. She is above and beyond an exceptional child.”


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