Outstanding Leader April 2016

Lilyanne Fairchild in Ms. Bozzuto’s 1st grade is the Overall Leadership winner for April 2016. This is what her nominee said about her:  Lilyanne has shown some amazing leadership qualities. She has taken it upon herself to help a student who has been in need of support. She has come to me asking me if she is able to sit by him and help him. She does this not only in class, but at recess as well. She has been noticing some of the things that the adults do that work with him and whenever she notices he needs help, she uses those strategies (break cards, choices, getting him things he needs so he remains calm, etc.) The kindness, empathy and responsibility I have seen from her is way beyond a first grade level. She has been such a phenomenal helper to many members of our classroom family. She prides herself in helping others. She fills buckets of the adults and students in the room on a daily basis because of her empathy and kindness.

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