Principal’s Thoughts

For November, we asked the principal for his opinion on COVID-19.

His response was


In all seriousness, it has really thrown a “wrench in the spokes” of life. Some of the minor things like the social distancing and not being able to eat out aren’t really that big of a deal to me, however, the strain it has put on our school and community has made life very stressful this year. As you know we have all kinds of different rules and protocols that we have to follow, but as a principal I have to really think outside the box when it comes to common routines that we can no longer do any more because of COVID-19. Some are big (wear face coverings, where to sit at lunch) and some are small (1 person at a time in the bathroom), but they all are geared toward keeping us safe and in Green.

This is super important…to stay in Green. There are a wide variety of reasons, but the biggest one is to make sure students continue to grow and learn. Last Spring was miserable for everyone and I think we are having to play “catch-up” from what we missed. I know my entire staff is working harder than they ever have and I can’t appreciate them enough.

I know we will overcome this, because we are Tigers and that’s what we do. We will eventually look back at this and remember all the things we have learned from it. It has and will continue to make us stronger as long as we look out for each other and help keep each other safe.

David Kronemann
Principal, McSorley Elementary School

Payne B, Addisyn S, Colt W, Kaycee M, Azirel B

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