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Issue: Should students be allowed to chew gum in school?

8 people wrote about why students should or shouldn’t chew gum in class.

Here are what they had to say.

I think kids should not be allowed to chew gum in class and these are my reasons why. According to the website, I think it would be disruptive to chew gum in class because it is noise. It would be unfair for the other classroom. Chewing gum can give kids headaches due to chewing for a long period of time It’s easy for students to be disrespectful while speaking to teachers if they are chewing gum also. Another reason why gum should not be allowed in high schools is because it can create an unsanitary atmosphere. Gum stuck under desks or on the ground can be disgusting and annoying to clean. Regan O.

Students should not be able to chew gum in class for many reasons. The 1st reason is kids will be obnoxious with the gum. They sometimes will chew it loudly, and do many other annoying things with the gum, such as blow bubbles and pop them loudly. The second reason is that kids might play with it. If they play with it they have a chance of getting not only their hands sticky, but everything they are working on/with sticky. This can be a big problem while working with partners. Payne B.

I do not think kids should have gum in school because if you spit out the gum it could get stuck in the carpet and the teacher would have to try to get it out of the carpet. And then the teachers get really mad.

Another reason why kids should not be able to chew gum in class is because if you spit it out outside then it could get stuck on other kids shoes and then they have to go home and clean it off. And it’s really gross to clean off of shoes.

My last reason why kids should be allowed to chew gum in class is because kids could get annoyed when they are chewing it during like a test or something because they sometimes smack and it is very annoying.

As you can see I think kids should not be able to chew gum in class!!!!!!
Dallas and Aslynn

I think you should be able to chew bubble gum at school,
The reason why I think this is because you should be able to not have to smell stinky breath from your mask all the time, because it sucks. I know how it feels. My second reason is because when you have gum in your mouth and maybe you didn’t brush your teeth this morning. Then no one would smell your stinky breath. Logan F.

“Smack!” That’s the sound of gum being smacked. Should schools allow gum? Good question, Yes they should. But why? Well, Chewing gum in school helps relax/relieve stress, it helps concentrate, and it helps your memory improve, according to dragon news. Also studies believe that when you chew gum you do 26%-36% better. Isn’t that crazy?

Chewing gum helps relax/relieve stress

Chewing gum helps relieve stress, but why? Another great question! Chewing gum can get your blood flowing in your head, which leads to your brain, that’s relaxing. As we said, chewing gum can also be stress relieving, because your cortisol levels will be lower according to exodus escape room. Good to know!

Chewing gum helps concentrate

How does chewing gum help concentrate?? We are glad you asked! Chewing gum enhances the performance of the “mastication-induced arousal.” according to WIRED. mastication-induced arousal gives you a little pick me up.

Chewing gum helps improve memory

That’s so weird! Why does chewing gum help your memory improve! Thank you for asking! Chewing gum helps your memory from the smell of it, according to LifeStyle!!

You believe us now why schools should allow gum, hope so. Bye.
Cameron M and Olivia S

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