Meet the Staff (Galbraith) Oct.

Meet Mrs. Mclean!

By: Addisyn S, Azirel B, Payne B, Colt W, and Kaycee M

Q: How long have you been teaching band?

A: “This is my first year teaching band for the Lewiston School District. I did start a band program at my previous school and taught band there for two years.”

Q: Where did your love for instruments come from?

A: “I have always loved music and learned many instruments in school. But I mainly wanted to become a music teacher because I had a great music teacher in High School who inspired me.”

Q: Why do you like teaching band?

A: “I love seeing the excitement students have for learning a new instrument. I also love helping students find their passion for music.”

Q: What instrument is your favorite?

A: “I am a flute player, so that is probably one of my favorite instruments, however, I also enjoy playing my ukulele and I think the cello has such a beautiful sound.”

Q: What do you do outside of band?

A: “Outside of band, I also teach general music at Orchards Elementary and Webster Elementary. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my children, going for walks and doing theatre.”

Thank you for answering Mrs. McLean!

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