Golden Awards November

So if you want a golden award, we are going to be telling you guys what the staff expects you guys to do in the places you are in.

  • in the computer lab Mrs. P expects you to be respectful, safe and don’t bang on the keyboards.
  • for pe you can’t be a bad sport if you lose in a game you are playing.
  • For lunch you need to get in line so quiet so we do not waste recess talking.
  • For the library you have to be sitting in your assigned seat and be reading a book and not talking. If you are loud and if you are talking you are being disrespectful to others reading.
  • In music mrs.o’brien do not say pick me me me, than she will not pick you and no not play your instrument before she says you can
  • the winners this week

    • For lunch time is Thompson’s class!
    • For p.e is donaldsons class!
    • For music is ….donaldsons class!
    • For the library is ….thompson’s class!
    • For the computer lap is …..pedrinas class!


    by Demi, Bella, Daysee, Aslynn, Lilly

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