LHS Senior Project

(Updated for the 2017-2018 school year)

Get Started Early
Summer Field Experience Packet

Timeline – Due Dates
Project Approval form due- September 6
Final Draft of Research Paper due to English 12 Teacher – September 27
Revision of Research Paper due to English 12 Teacher – October 23-24
Evaluated Papers returned to you by October 27**  Any papers not proficient at this time need to be re-submitted to a review committee.
Mentor Information Form – February 1-2
Access Teacher Form – March 22-23
Field Experience – In portfolio April 5-6
Project Verification – In portfolio April 5-6
Reflective Letter – In portfolio April 5-6
Portfolio – April 5-6
Practice Presentation – April 10
Final Presentation – April 17

Major Components

I. Research Paper:
This component is a 4-6 page researched and documented paper that contains at least 4 sources (both primary and secondary) and follows MLA format. This paper will be assessed and graded in their English 12 class and added to their portfolio.

Senior Project Criteria and Dates
Project Approval Form
Research Paper Overview
Research Paper Scoring Checklist

Major Actions:
Complete Senior Project Approval.
Complete Senior Project Research Paper.
Edit Senior Project Research Paper.
Turn in final Senior Project Research Paper and pass with a 70% or better.
Add clean copy of Senior Project Research Paper to portfolio.

Owl English
LHS Library – Research Tools and Links

II. Field Experience:
With the second component seniors will select some sort of hands-on experience (a job shadow, volunteer work, creating a product, etc.) that relates to the topic they researched and requires them to spend at least 15 hours using knowledge gained from that research and incorporates guidance from a community mentor. They will complete a time log and reflection journal in which they will record the time spent working on their field experience as well as a summary of their accomplishments. All documentation pertaining to the field experience will need to be saved and later added to their portfolio for evaluation.

Field Experience Overview
Community Mentor do’s and don’ts
Project Approval Form
Community Mentor Information Form
Field Experience In Process Log
Community Mentor Project Verification Form

Major Actions:
Complete Senior Project Contract.
Complete Senior Project Approval.
Meet with community mentor and complete Community Mentor Information Form.
Complete required field experience and document in field experience log.
Verify Community Mentor Verification is submitted.

III. Reflective Letter and Portfolio
Due to Government teachers. The third component, the portfolio with a reflective essay, will be a binder containing all documents pertaining to the Senior Project process. Seniors should begin keeping a binder of all their documents, starting with the topic selection documents. As they work through the process for each component of the Senior Project, they should add any papers, plans, notes, interviews or observations that pertain to that component. Prior to the presentation they will organize this material, removing any unnecessary elements and/or adding additional pieces. This portfolio will be graded in their Government class and viewed by a panel of judges prior to their presentation.

Self Reflection Letter

IV. Presentation
The fourth component is an 8-10 minute presentation of the entire Senior Project which will be delivered to a panel of judges. A question and answer period will follow each presentation.

Presentation Guidelines
Practice Presentation
Final Project Presentation

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