Drama Club/ Thespians

Advisor: Melissa Syverson

The Drama department provides theatrical opportunities for students on and off stage. Involvement in the drama club is open to anyone. The annual season usually includes a non-musical in the fall, a student-written adn directed Christmas play that tours the elementary and junior high schools, a musical in the March, and a Shakespear Festival in April. Bengal Drama Club competes in the IHSAA District and State level competitions. Our club meets at different times throughout the year. Contact advisor for details. 

Thespians, is an international drama society and the title given to those who letter in Drama. Lewiston High School has been with the society since 1931. The Thespians’ emblem is a large “T” with the mask of comedy and tragedy on either side. The motto, “Play well your part, therin all honor lies.” Eligibility is determined by the number of points a person earns for performing in plays and production work.

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