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  • A Confluence of Doyennes. Lewiston ID: Steeley, 2013evan2
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    · “
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readinghistorical kiosks

A Cemetery on the Frontier (Pioneer Park)
A Century of Serviing Lewiston’s Children (Webster Elementary School)
A Community of Pioneers Talks to Itself (Pioneer Park)
A Confluence of Rivers & Steam (Kiwanis Park)
Battling The Haughty Demon of Flame (Pioneer Park)
Doing What Is Best for Kids (Pioneer Park)
Lewiston & Abraham Lincoln (Nez Perce County Historical Museum)
Oasis of Learning, Mentor to Generation (Lewis-Clark State College)
On the Leading Edge of Idaho Aviation (Lewiston-Nez PerceCounty Airport)
Relic of a Rustic Past (City Hall)
Service & Sacrifice — The Early Years (Lewiston Police Memorial Park)
The Early Years of Nez Perce County (Nez Perce County Courthouse)
The Simple Dues of Fellowship & Social Comfort (Pioneer Park)
These Bones from Insult to Protect (Prospect Park)
Women to Match the Frontier (Pioneer Park)

Normal Hill Cemetery Set

Division 1
Division 2
Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.)
Knights of Pythias
Nez Perce Lodge No. 10 — Masonic
The Better Angels of Our Nature
The Proudest of Pedigrees

CONNECTIONS (Lewis-Clark State College)

television programs

The History of Lewis-Clark State College, Part 1
The History of Lewis-Clark State College, Part 2
The History of Lewis-Clark State College, Part 3
Community Leadership for a New School: Recollections After 120 Years
A Distinct Name for a Distinct Place
The History of Teacher Training in Lewiston
Angels in Comfortable Shoes: 1901-1952
Angels in Comfortable Shoes: 1957-2013
A Legacy in Scholarship & Stone: Henry Leonidas Talkington
Nothing Above But Air and Vacant Skies, Part 1 (1895-1963)
Nothing Above But Air and Vacant Skies, Part 2 (1963-2010)
Rise of the Student Athlete: 1899-1914
Saving and Sharing Our Legacies
Tales from the Outskirts of Town
Very Near Misses


pubs.h1NOVA (PBS) classroom guides


mathematics, science & technology

  • “Averaging GPS Data With Buffers and Venn Diagrams,” ArcLessons. Redlands CA: ESRI, 2010
    ·”Celestial Navigation,” Connect, 17:1, September 2003
    · “‘Doing the Math’ in Geography,” Connect, 23:3January/February 2010
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