Eligibility/Academic Standing

(Current as of 2/12/2016)
A student becomes ineligible for athletics upon completion of the sport season in which he/she turns twenty years of age

  • A student cannot participate in more than 8 consecutive semesters in grades 9 through 12.
  • A student must be an amateur (having never been paid to play that sport).
  • A student must establish residency requirements. (IHSAA)
  • A student must abide by all rules set forth by the coach, the department, the school and the Idaho High School Activities Association.

Academic Eligibility
To be academically eligible for athletics or driver education, a student must be enrolled full time in his/her school, on target to graduate based on District graduation requirements, and have received passing grades and earned credits in the required number of courses during the previous semester.  Equivalency is determined by the following criteria:

Grades 9-12

  • 4 classes available (Must pass 3)
  • 5 classes available (Must pass 4)
  • 6 classes available (Must pass 5)
  • 7 classes available (Must pass 5)
  • 8 classes available (Must pass 6)

Grades 7 & 8

  • All first quarter 7th graders eligible.
  • Retained 7th/8th graders do not fall under this rule.
  • Eligibility will be based on previous quarter grades.

Students in 7th/8th grade who have not passed the required number of classes for eligibility may use the classes in summer school to meet eligibility under the following guidelines.

  • The student must have passed at least 3 non-advisory classes at the fourth quarter grading period.
  • The student must complete the entire summer school program and have passing grades for all summer school classes.
  • At the school wide first and second scheduled progress reports, the student must have passing grades in all subjects to remain eligible for participation.

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