Summer Break is on its way!

Field Day Volunteers

Centennial will have our annual Field Day on Friday, June 3rd. We are looking for parent volunteers to help run stations. Please contact the school office if you are interested in volunteering. Thank You!

  • June 3rd – Field Day
  • June 6th – Talent Show
  • June 7th Last Day of School

The Summer lunch program will be held at Centennial this summer. Grab and go will not be an option this year. More information coming soon!


Teachers requests will not be entertained for the upcoming school year. If you have concerns, please schedule a time to meet with Mrs. Kolb. Every attempt will be made to place each student in a classroom setting where he/she will experience success. Factors that influence student placement include, but are not limited to:

  • The balance of boys and girls in each room
  • An equal blend of abilities.
  • Leadership qualities
  • Social-emotional considerations
  • Learning needs
  • Behavior
  • Student dynamics and personalities


Kindergarten: Mrs. Davids; Mrs. Jones; Mrs. Thomasson

First Grade: Mrs. Delich; Mrs. Sauder; Mrs. Smith

Second Grade: Mrs. Davis; Mrs. Walker; Ms. Weiner

Third Grade: Mrs. Dominy; Mrs. Merrill

Fourth Grade: Mrs. Kinzer; Mrs. Reynolds; Mrs. Stroupe

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Gilliam; Mr. Richardson; Mrs. Valdivia

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